Hey there, I'm Lindsey! Welcome to my little blog. I hope the words you find here are encouraging to you in some way.

I'm a Kansas girl and I fully embrace the old cliche, "it's the little things." I think aimless drives, wildflower picking, 4:00 coffee, morning light, and genuine kindness fall into that category (amongst too many others to name). In these lovely, unconventional college years, I've been immersed in the world of graphic design, which was born from my love of all things creative since early childhood.

These college years are such a time of growth and change. It's a messy, fumbling, slow, and beautiful process. And I guess what I'm learning most is that amidst uncertainty, stress, loneliness, and inadequacy, I am fully known, fully loved, and deeply satisfied by Christ. He is my treasure and I want to know new depths of His character. So that's a lot of what I share here-- thoughts and lessons learned and everything in between. Glad to share in the journey with you.

Grace and Peace.

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