These Days

These are days of 9 drafts in my blogger dashboard, 10 in my head, and always "something more important" to do.

These are days of a consistent 2AM bedtime and late night brainstorming as often as working on final drawings or process book. 

They're "the best days of my life" that look quite different from "normal".. but when I think about it, really, I  don't think I had any expectations for college life because, perhaps in the back of my mind, I knew that my experience wouldn't align with the status quo. 

These are "freaking amazing best day ever" days followed by "what is my life? I'm crying yet again and ugh, community is hard" days. Then repeat the cycle multiple times a week. 

These are days when my eyes are continually being opened to beauty and joy-- and that's the result of gratefulness... to quote Ann Voskamp, "Being joyful isn’t what makes you grateful… being grateful is what makes you joyful. That gratitude in our circumstances is as essential to our wholeness as any change in our circumstances.” 

These are days of living at home. Looking for greener grass some days, but seeing that it's all worth it when I hop a bus home and texts start flying about watching Gilmore Girls with my girls. And then I realize that the days of this season are numbered and once I move out, I probably won't move back in and full-fledged adult life will be upon me. 

These are days when I just want to "do all the things!" Like, literally, everything. I want to be a great designer, an intentional friend, start a small business, go hang out with that mama of many, spend extended time with God, dive into lifestyle photography, read 7 different books, educate myself on drawing, do yoga, walk every day, etc., etc. And alas, I am a finite human being, prone to distraction and procrastination and Instagram scrolling over world-changing. BUT I'm excited because this really is an opportune time of life-- being a single, young adult with relatively few responsibilities. I have "flex time" if I choose to seize it and make the most of these years. 

Sidenote to high school students and the like: I remember my high school days very clearly, specifically the feeling of being impatient for "the next thing". You know: college, dating, moving out, etc. But can I encourage you ever so slightly? Enjoy these years (!!!) I know they seem full and like you have "no time", but seize these days if you can and pursue what you love, go deep in friendships, seek to know the Lord deeply. I remember specific moments when, amidst our dreams of the future (which are not all too rare even today, if I'm being honest) my dear friend and I chose to really, truly enjoy being young; just being high schoolers. And it was so worth it. Sure, we're so glad to be in our own weird, unusual college life, but the fact that we chose to be present in such a short, sweet period of life is something we don't regret in the slightest. 

Over all, these are days of trusting the Lord day by day, trying to keep my eyes on today instead of tomorrow. It's hard to put it into words, but there's something about walking with Him that is so good. His goodness is so steady and near and makes me want to praise Him now more than ever. I hope that you can taste it too, friends.

Sola Deo Gloria!