Summer around here has been the slow, sweet kind of summer. Quiet days, a fairly empty house, and just enough to keep me busy. Not too busy, though. It's actually been in the slowness that I've learned, grown, and drawn near to the Lord in sweet ways.

In this season of transition, I feel caught between two cities and two stages of life and sometimes it's hard to know where I fit or how to find community. But I'm coming to realize that in this season, at least, community looks like a lot of different people in different places at random times. It's all grace and I'm receiving it gladly with open hands.

This morning it looked like piling in a car at 5:30 a.m. with friends, new and old. We set out to capture the sunrise and a handful of other sights around the city. I think the four of us got about 10 hours of sleep collectively, so the day had its share of coffee stops, overused jokes, and nuttiness. There was roof climbing and flower buying and dog petting. Good light and good pastries. Fun friends and rad times. Overall, just a lot of grace and I'm thankful.